The Tragedy of Macbeth
A heath near Forres

Aroint thee, witch! (1.3.8)

i.e., be gone

rump-fed (1.3.8)

i.e., fed upon rump steak, therefore well-nourished and probably fat.

:  a mangy or scabby creature

the Tiger (1.3.9)

The name of the sailor's ship. This was a real ship that sailed to Aleppo, second largest city in modern day Syria, in 1583. When Shakespeare wrote Macbeth, Aleppo was under the control of the Ottoman Empire and would have been a place of great mystery to the Elizabethans. The ship was in the London news in 1606. >

se'n nights nine times nine (1.3.24)

The Tiger sailed from England on 5 December 1604 and arrived back after fearful experiences on 27 June 1606, this is close to the "Weary se'n nights nine times nine" that the witches calculate. >

Sinell (1.3.74)

Macbeth's father. Macbeth inherited the title of Thane of Glamis after the death of his father. Shakespeare took the name of Macbeth's father from Holinshed's Chronicles, but Holinshed is not historically accurate. The real Macbeth, born in 1005, had a father named Findlaech, who was the ruler of Moray, in northern Scotland. >